Trinity Christmas Memories

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany – Little Christmas, Three Kings Day, or Twelfth Night are some of its other names.
On this day Deb Miller shares her memories of Christmas past, and invites others to do the same. If you have memories you would like to share, send an email with your thoughts to our web site email address under Contacts.


As I sat at Christmas Eve service this year, I couldn’t help but reflect on the first Christmas Eve service I attended at Trinity Episcopal Church in Logansport, December 24, 1983. It seems like such a long time ago

and yet it passed in the blink of an eye. Originally, I was going to travel to southern Indiana to spend Christmas with my family but a few days before Christmas it began to snow, and snow, and then snow some more. By Christmas Eve morning, all roads were closed heading south and I knew I would be in Logansport for Christmas. Clark decided we would make it to Trinity for services, no matter what the weather. It was freezing and I remember dressing warmly in slacks, boots, and a heavy sweater. My daughter wore bright red corduroy overalls with her white high top shoes and a white fuzzy coat my mom had bought her.

Having been raised somewhat fluidly as a Methodist, Trinity was different. A procession to “O Come All Ye Faithful”, bowing, kneeling, singing, majesty, candles and darkness for “Silent Night”, prayers for those in the storm, prayers for those who could not make it to the service due to the storm, and a festive gathering after the service. I thought my daughter, Marie, would fall asleep; she did not, wide eyed, standing in the pew, observing all she could see. I was just as wide eyed as she was, in awe of the pageantry of this service. Clark told me that night he knew we needed to attend church together and if I preferred we could go somewhere else but Trinity was his home church. The people there were his family.

Sometime has passed since that first Christmas Eve, thirty-two years to be exact and upon reflection, I believe I have determined what made Trinity home for me. It was not only God and the Holy Spirit working within my life but also the saints who had attended Trinity before me, during my time here, and I know those who will come after. Saints, who guided me, taught me, prayed for me, and held me up when needed.

As I sat in the pew this Christmas Eve, I reflected on how much had changed and how much remained the same. Warmth, prayers, processions, darkness, candles, and music were there. I thought of the saints in Trinity who helped guide me and who remain there with us, in our hearts, in the prayers we lift up, in the essence of the incense burning during the service. I saw them sitting in their regular pews, those who had guided me in my path. I know without their calm patient guidance, I would not be in the place where I am today.

The changes were obvious to me. Christmas 2015 found me at peace in my life where in 1983 I knew not where I was going. My husband was the priest in the procession, guiding our youngest grandchild who carried baby Jesus to his treasured place in the manger: my daughter, Marie sat with her husband and five year old daughter in the pew beside me; our other children were with their spouses and other families preparing for the Christ child.

I shed a tear as I watched three year old Ellis place Jesus in His place. I said a prayer of thankfulness. I offered up a prayer for peace. And I thanked God with all sincerity for Trinity, the faithful within who took me under their wing, my family, and the treasures yet to come.

Ellis and I went to Trinity on the 26th of December to assist with loaves and fishes. He immediately ran into the sanctuary. I asked him to stay with me but he told me he needed to check to see if Jesus was where he had put Him. I told him Jesus was always with us and the Jesus in the manger is a symbol of the baby when He was born. Ellis told me he would always remember where he put Jesus; he just wanted to make sure someone hadn’t moved Him. No one has moved Jesus from Trinity. Jesus remains with us at Trinity, in our work outside Trinity, and in our hearts.

Remember your own story with Jesus at Trinity and share with us on this website.

Deb Miller
January 6, 2016